Meet Tony

I'm Tony Horner, founder of Fermented Felon, a craft kombucha company with a mission to brew good brews and good vibes. More than just delicious drinks, our kombuchas are infused with resilience, passion, and a commitment to second chances.

Our Story

My journey with Fermented Felon wasn't a straight line. I faced some bumps along the road, like many of us. But that's what makes the story even sweeter. After hitting rock bottom, I discovered kombucha. It wasn't just a fizzy drink; it was a lifeline, literally healing my liver and sparking a thirst for something more. I dove into science, mastered the brewing process, and found myself not just making kombucha, but crafting opportunities.

Kombucha Benefits:

Each bottle of Fermented Felon is packed with gut-loving probiotics, antioxidants, and natural energy. It’s a daily reset button for your system and helps with bloating and detoxifies your body giving you energy to power through your day with sustained, jitter-free energy.

Community and Beyond:

We source our ingredients locally, supporting Nebraska farmers and businesses. But our commitment extends beyond the kombucha bottle. Through partnerships with organizations like Rise Business Academy, we mentor and empower individuals with past incarcerations, helping them write their own success stories.

At Fermented Felon, we believe everyone deserves a fresh start. That's why we actively hire individuals with past incarcerations. We see beyond their past and recognize the value they bring to our team. They're often incredibly hardworking, dedicated, and eager to prove themselves. Their life experiences add a unique perspective and depth to our company culture.

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